Safety and Security

Safety and security for our customers is top priority for Cambridge Mini Storage. Our premises are surrounded by a fully alarmed and electrified fence and are monitored by digital closed circuit television cameras.
Access to our facility is gained through PIN access to an automated gate which is monitored regularly by an outside security firm. All entries and exits through the automatic gate are monitored and recorded. Of course, all our units are individually locked using the highest quality padlocks, and only you hold the key.

Insurance approved

Cambridge Mini Storage is approved by most leader insurers – you’ll need to check with your existing insurance provider to see if your goods are still covered while they are in storage. Otherwise you can arrange insurance though Cambridge Mini Storage. Storage facilities must meet strict standards and have a proven track record in security before an insurance company will approve them to sell insurance on their behalf so you can feel secure that your possessions are in safe hands.

Regular pest control

An extensive pest control program has been put in place to ensure your goods have maximum protection against vermin and insects. This ranges from bait stations to spraying for insects. Because no one can guarantee what is brought into Cambridge Mini Storage we exceed recommended programmes to ensure your goods have maximum protection against pests.

Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers have been installed in every block. These are regularly checked and maintained. Cambridge Mini Storage is a non smoking site. We do not allow goods such as petrol and oil to be stored at our facility to minimise fire risk

Computer Controlled Gate Access

P.I.N. Controlled Gate Systems provide added security. Only those with a unique pin code can enter the storage facility.

CCTV Systems

Cameras have been strategically placed throughout the facility to help us keep an eye on things. The images are recorded and retained for a period to provide added security.

Security Fencing

Cambridge Mini Storage is surrounded by electric fences which are directly linked to the security system, and monitored 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Locks & Private Spaces

At Cambridge Mini Storage your individual storage unit is your own private space, which only you can access. And of course, you are the only one with the keys. This means only you (and whoever you choose) has access to your space.